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Dispatching services in the trucking industry in America

In the logistics and trucking industries, dispatch services play a very important role. Their task is to ensure the efficient movement of goods from one location to another. A person who provides such services is called dispatch.

Online Logistic Academy vam omogućava priučnik sa upoznavanjem osnovnih pojmova, koji su neophodni da biste ušli u svet logistike kao i kurs posle koga biste mogli da počnete sa radom, već kod nas!

But before that, take a look at what a good dispatcher has to handle:

Good communication skills and ability to negotiate.

Doing multiple things at the same time (multitasking)

Road organization and routing optimization (consider traffic conditions, weather conditions, road closures, route changes)

Tracking the latest GPS technology.

The capacity of the truck, the type of load as well as the different requirements during delivery

Proactively address potential problems.

Our focus is precision and reliability.

And since we believe that dispatch is one of the most important links in this sphere of business, we are able to offer you our services:

Trained dispatch team of people who have their own contacts, good connections and thus privileges when booking tours, and some of them were owner operators in America themselves

24/7 support, including tracking trucks through modern systems

Speed, efficiency and timeliness in negotiations and in the entire communication process (from broker to driver)

Responsible for the entire transportation process.

Good eye for detail, for what others have not noticed, we have already reacted