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Recruitment in the transportation industry in America

The person who does recruitment-finding qualified persons to drive vehicles in the transport industry is called recruiter. 

To become recruiterwhat you need to get started is: knowledge of English, Strong communication skills, knowledge of logistics terms, perseverance in finding the right candidate as well as the right selection when choosing. 

What skills can you acquire in the transport industry?

As part of the Online Logistics Academy, you can acquire vast knowledge as well as all the necessary qualifications to work in the transport industry (mainly trucking), and by this we mean:

How to find a truck driver and how to work for you?

Prioritize candidates who have years of experience as truck drivers

Consider additional qualifications such as hazmat authorisations (HAZMAT)

Inform drivers about the importance of safety at work as well as compliance with safety regulations

Commercial driver's license (CDL)

Checking previous driving records

Determine drivers ' ability to use GPS and other devices in the transportation industry

Assess the candidate's physical fitness (assess whether they can stay on the road for a long time)

As finding a qualified driver has become a challenge, many companies have come to the conclusion that recruiting agencies that fully invest in New resources, popular tools, can contribute to the development of their business and the mild growth of truck drivers.

What is it that we offer ?


People who are willing to work in your company are familiar with the offer you offer and want you to start working together and make money together.


We generate people who fit perfectly into your company's conditions.


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Posle završene selekcije, čekamo na proveru kandidata i tu smo da pružimo podršku kroz naše maksimalno angažovanje i posvećenost, kao i brzo reagovanje